Organization branding

Customize Pluto to meet your organization's brand

It is important for your users to know they are within your organizations lab space.  Pluto offers the ability to customize the look and feel to meet your organizations brand.

How to add an organization header

  1. To ensure your organization has access to the branding features, reach out to your customer support representative, or email us at
  2. Visit the organization settings page at
  3. Update the "Branding" section.

Available options to customize the look and feel

Header background color - Controls what color, in hex, you want for the entire header background.

Header background image - Allows you to optionally add a background image.  Example: 700x40

Header logo - Your company or organizations logo.  Example: 200x40

Header text - A brief name that will display in the header on the right hand side. 

How to customize the login page

In the same area you can also customize your organizations login page.

Available options to customize the look and feel

Login background color

Login image