Colabra + Pluto

Embed Pluto plots in your Colabra lab notebook for end-to-end reproducibility

Written by Rani Powers, PhD


Colabra is a powerful electronic lab notebook and project management platform. You can embed Pluto plots directly into Colabra notebook entries, allowing you to track every step from sample preparation to analysis and results!

Copy embed link in Pluto

For any plot that you'd like to embed, click the "..." menu in the top right of the plot and select Embed and copy the direct link.

Use the /pluto command in Colabra to embed your results!

Add a Pluto plot to your Colabra notebook entry by typing "/pluto" and pasting in the embed link copied in the first step. Colabra will automatically load a live embedded view of the Pluto plot.

Use the "..." menu in the corned of the plot to view the dynamically generated analysis methods. If any parameters are changed in Pluto, these methods will refresh, ensuring your lab notebook stays up to date!