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Biological entity annotations in experiments

Pluto enriches genes, proteins, cell lines, and other entities in sample & assay data

Written by Rani Powers, PhD


In several places throughout your experiment pages in Pluto, you'll see enriched annotations for genes, proteins, peaks, and other biological entities. These provide additional context for your research and link out to commonly used biological databases where possible.

Gene and protein annotations

Click on a gene or protein name in Pluto to read about the gene's name, function, and other relevant information. Annotations are fetched from the MyGene.info (https://mygene.info) REST API. The annotation shown in Pluto is the top-scoring hit from MyGene.info based on the input query (biological entity in Pluto).

Cell line annotations

Click on a cell line name to read annotations from the Cellosaurus API (https://api.cellosaurus.org/). The annotation shown in Pluto is the top-scoring hit from the Cellosaurus fuzzy search results based on the input query (the cell line name as it's written in the sample data table). 


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