Change tracking and analysis reproducibility

Maintain a record of changes made to experiments, analyses, and plots within Pluto, plus anywhere Pluto results are embedded!

Written by Rani Powers, PhD



Scientific research and R&D is an iterative process - it can often take several rounds of iteration to arrive at a presentable result. Importantly, iteration happens at many levels, from the raw data, to data processing, to downstream analysis, and final plotting and visualization.

A major motivating factor behind building Pluto was enabling scientists to easily and rapidly iterate on their results while maintaining a record of changes along the way.

This is important because it:

  1. Enabled secure and effective collaboration during iteration, giving all collaborators transparency into changes in real time

  2. Ensures that analysis parameters and other critical information needed for reproducibility are recorded in the long term, preventing wasted hours spent searching for them later

Pluto streamlines with two key features: Methods and Change History

Analysis & Plot Methods

Learn more about embedding Pluto plots.

Change History

Learn more about experiment change history.