What kinds of experiment can I analyze with Pluto?

Pluto supports diverse set of low-throughput and high-throughput assays

Written by Rani Powers, PhD


Pluto's platform was built to be "assay agnostic" - this means that just about any assay can be supported as long as quantitative (numeric) values were measured.

Learn more at https://pluto.bio/product/experiments.

Below is an additional, non-exhaustive list of assays available in Pluto to illustrate the platform's flexibility:

Sequencing-based assays

  • Bulk RNA-seq

  • Single cell RNA-seq

  • ChIP-seq


  • PRO-seq

  • ATAC-seq

Other high-throughput assays

  • Metabolomics

  • Proteomics

  • Microarrays

Medium- and low-throughput assays

  • qPCR


  • Cytokine panels

  • Mesoscale discovery assays

  • Methyl arrays

  • Microscopy imaging data

  • Pharmacokinetic studies, inhibition and toxicity

  • Animal behavioral studies