Upload images to be analyzed alongside your interactive plots

Written by Andrew Goodspeed

This analysis allows users to upload images within an experiment, thereby allowing microscopy images, graphics, and more to be maintained in the same place as the data for the experiment.

Setting up your image analysis

While viewing your experiment, click "+ Analysis" and select Image. Upload an image from your computer and enter any relevant Methods related to how the capture image.

Optionally, tag your image with one or more Targets. The targets dropdown populates from the experiment assay data, so it will contain any targets (e.g. genes, transcripts, metabolites, proteins) that were measured in the experiment.

Click "Run Analysis" to save your image as an analysis component on your experiment.

Customize image appearance

Similar to interactive visualizations in Pluto, for images, you can use the "Plot" tab to customize the title, caption, and add an image source / attribution. To hyperlink the image source, add a url to the Image source url field.

Click "View Changes" to see the final image on the page, with its accompanying caption and (hyperlinked) image source.

More images use-case inspiration

Don't do microscopy? No problem! The possibilities are endless when it comes to Pluto's image widget. Here are some of our favorite creative use-cases:

Chemical structures

Graphical abstracts

Full-width diagrams