Does your company offer bioinformatics analyses or other services? We see you! 🙇 CROs and bioinformatics service providers play a critical role supporting both academic and biotech research, assisting with everything from experimental design, to analyzing next-generation sequencing data, and collaborating on manuscript development and publication.

Pluto enables service providers to deliver high-quality results to their customers faster 🚀

Deliver raw data AND publication-quality analysis to your customers in minutes

Sharing files with your customers via email or using an in-house server to deliver data takes up your team's valuable time and resources. Instead let Pluto handle notifications for you - it's what we do! Your whole team can contribute to an analysis in Pluto and, when you're ready, share the interactive page directly with your customer. No need to train your customers how to get files off an FTP server 😁

White-labeling is also available for Enterprise customers. Contact us to learn more.

Securely store results and grant access as needed

Pluto has three levels of access, giving you granular control over how you share results that your team has produced with customers.

Track completed and in-progress experiments for multiple customers

Save time searching for previous experiments done for different customers. In Pluto, you can organize projects by customer and search by relevant metadata like experiment type and organism.

Plus, streamline your internal progress and KPI reporting

You don't need a separate tool for tracking how many projects and experiments your team worked on this quarter, it's all included in the real-time analytics in Pluto. Spend less time pulling together progress reports and more time on doing analysis!

Talk to our team to learn more about how Pluto can save your organization time and money. Get a custom quote tailored to your team's specific resource needs.

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