We know that academic research is absolutely critical to pushing the boundaries of our knowledge into biology.

Pluto empowers academic labs to publish their high-quality results faster 🚀

Organize completed and in-progress experiments

Use Pluto projects to plan out your next manuscript and keep all of your data and figures in one place.

Transform raw data into publication-quality figures in minutes

Explore your data with biologically meaningful comparisons to test your hypothesis.

Share results securely with collaborators

Pluto has three levels of access for collaborators, giving you flexibility and control over how your data are viewed.

Plus, streamline progress reporting to your funding agencies

With real-time analytics in Pluto, you'll spend less time pulling together progress reports and more time on the science!

Talk to our team to learn more about how Pluto can accelerate your research, and get a custom quote tailored to your lab's specific needs.

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