Can Pluto submit my data to GEO?

Yes! Pluto prepares submissions to public data repositories for you

Written by Rani Powers, PhD

Many scientific journals require that you submit your data to the NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and Sequence Read Archive (SRA) prior to publication. Pulling the data together for one of these submissions can be a tedious process to tackle on your own, but Pluto makes it easy!

When you are ready to initiate a new submission, simply visit this link to submit your request to our team.

You'll be asked to answer a few simple questions about your experiment, including when you'd like the submission to become public, and who you'd like to be listed as co-authors on the submission.

Pluto will handle preparing the submission and any back-and-forth communication with GEO. Once approved by GEO, you'll receive an email from Pluto notifying you that your submission has been approved!

See a GEO submission prepared by Pluto here: